Our adoption process:


Step 1: Submit an Adoption Application.

An adoption is not considered without a completed application. This step will let us know if your household is what our animal needs to feel safe and comfortable!


Step 2: Background Check, Landlord Check, Vet Check

We will check to make sure that you do not have any violent charges, are allowed pets where you live, and will check with your vet to make sure your animals have remained up to date on testing, vaccinations, and checkups.


Step 3: Meet and Greet

If approved, our adoption coordinator will set you up with the foster parent’s contact information. It is up to you to call the foster parent and schedule a meet and greet.


Step 4: Home Visit

One of our volunteers will come to your house and conduct a home visit with the help of a checklist.


Step 5: Adoption Decision

Rescue Gang will decide if both parties would make a great fit for each other! If so, we can go about finalizing your adoption! Please keep in mind that an approved application does not necessarily mean that you *are* going to be able to adopt the animal you applied for.


Please note:

An approved application means that your have passed the initial screening process and may proceed to the following steps. The animal you are interested in may have more than one application and may have already found his/ her forever home before you are able to meet. In that case, your application will remain active for 60 days

All adoptions include:

Medical Related Treatments

Spay or neuter

Certified Veterinary Inspection

Age appropriate vaccinations

Heartworm test (over 6 months)

Heartworm, flea, tick preventative

Fecal screening and deworming if necessary

Treatment of any known health issues

14 day Observation Period

Before we begin an adoption process, we will allow our animals to settle down in their foster homes, so we can make sure we have adequate time to notice any health or behavioral issues.

Continued Support

Even after you have adopted your new best friend, we still want to be there to help. If any behavior issues arise that you need assistance with, we will try our best to help you. Either we can give you personalized advice or refer you to other resources, such as books or professional trainers. Our foster parents will follow up with you.