What makes us different?

1. We have a strict no surrender policy unless it is an emergency situation to be able to focus our efforts on lowering euthanasia rates in shelters. 

2. We are not breed specific.

3. We are a no-kill organization. We will only consider euthanasia due to poor health or temperament concerns.

4. We focus on quality over quantity. We would like to save as many animals as we possibly can, but we will get there in due time. 

5. We strive to provide the highest level of medical care for each animal’s specific needs. We provide extensive age appropriate vetting including spay/ neuter, rabies, distemper, bordetella, heartworm testing, heartworm/ flea/ tick preventive, intestinal parasite screenings, prescribe appropriate deworming medication, and seek medical attention as issues arise. Dogs also receive a Certified Veterinary Inspection before adoption.

6. We choose to operate out of foster homes, rather than having our animals live in small kennels.

7. We train our dogs to get them ready for adoption. We work on basic obedience and work through behavioral issues with a dog training professional. 

8. We work towards getting rescues ready for adoption rather than getting them in and out as fast as possible.

9. We like to think of volunteers as a family. We can rely on each other for help and advice through our struggles in animal rescue.

9. We get to know our adopters. We run extensive background checks, check into their level of care of current and/ or previous pets, conduct home visits with a checklist, and make sure that animal is the right fit for their lifestyle.

10. We help adopters with any medical issues that arise within 7 days of adoption if notified before procedures have been performed. We take our time and focus on quality over quantity.

11. Being that the welfare of animals is our top priority, we are committed to keeping our events vegetarian. We believe all animals deserve our respect and a life free from suffering.